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Founded in 1914 as a family farm in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, "Max Goldman's Dairy" delivered milk to local homes in the traditional "horse and wagon" manner. In the decades that followed, the dairy grew and prospered as the brand became a consumer favorite. In 1971 Farmland built a "state of the art" facility and led the industry by requiring its farmers to provide a milk supply without the use of artificial hormones. A fat free item named Skim Plus was introduced and became the most successful value added product in the history of the milk industry. The brand expanded into the southeast and midwest United States.

The newly named "Farmland Fresh Dairies" endures as a family owned and operated business. The care and customer service that served as cornerstones in 1914 continue to be the driving force today. The pure, great taste in every Farmland product, created by careful sourcing and impeccable quality assurance throughout the supply chain, remain defining points of distinction.

Our focus is clear.....we will continue to create the highest quality and most nutritious dairy brand available. Our branded core lineup of fresh and pure milk, cream and cultured items will be accompanied by new products focused on the health conscious and quality conscious consumer. The future has never been brighter.....


Through superior quality assurance